Saturday, May 29, 2010

A grocery shopping I will go.....

So it has been another good weekend, with some minor slips.

I probably went to the grocery store three times this week! In my defense I went to three different store on three different days for different items! Plus I biked there each time. Shopping in Europe is NOTHING like shopping in the US. I really miss shopping stateside because it is convenient and has a lot more options......July can't get here soon enough! Plus, they don't have many low cal/low fat options. What they have I have to seek out at specialty stores and then the selection is limited.

But on with the goodies!

I located and purchased applesauce and tofu! Finding these items in Hungary is like looking for a needle in a haystack, luckily there is a German store "DM" that carried these products, and I got them in the organic section, bonus!!!

This is the same trip to the DM, but also added a trip to a normal grocery "SPAR". I love the 50% off stickers!
In addition I also picked up these items from the Aldi. I have never tried a veggie burger, but decided to give it a shot, it seemed to be my theme for this week. Trying new food.

Since I have been hearing good things about Greek yogurt I decided to pick some up and give it a try....

I used this yogurt. It is the only Greek yogurt I could find in this town, and I checked all the stores! They have some with honey, cookies, and chocolate but the calories are very high so I opted for strawberry. I put about half in with my banana muffin......It was delish! And filling. So needless to say I went back and picked up some more!

I also decided to pick up some tofu and try it. Now pre-get smart and eat healthy I thought that if you ate tofu you were one of those people, a crazy health nut so had no taste buds. Granted, I had never tried it when I was harboring these negative thoughts but I believed I was right and I wasn't ever going to eat it.....wrong.

So I asked around and figured the best way for me to make it would be WOK style. I picked up some specially labeled WOK veggies and soysauce, cooked it for 6 minutes and it came out this delicious dish.

I made a veggie burger and Mediterranean veggies that looked like this, my photo of it on the plate somehow diapered off my camera! But it was also very yummy!

In addition I also bought this vanilla protein powder to give it a shot. It's calorie steep but very good.I used it with these to make chocolate protein brownies.

The recipe called for chocolate protein mix and canned pumpkin, since I did not have those items I substituted an extra yogurt cup and one egg white.



and had this yummy creation. I also had a 615 calorie binge on a Lindt chocolate bar. In the past I would have let myself get away with it by justifying what I did. Last night was different. I made myself go through another exercise routine to burn 615 calories. It wasn't easy and I wanted to die when I was done, but that was my punishment for getting off track. And I am glad that I did the workout.

I also am questioning my calories. Two weeks ago when I started calorie counting I was to be between 1500-2000 according to SP, then last week they changed it so I was between 1200-1550 (probably because my weight drop). I stayed within my calorie limit but didn't lose. The first week I lost 3 lbs at about 1500-1700 calories. So this week I am adjusting my calorie limit back up to 1500-1700 and will re-evaluate at the end of the week if I need to adjust again or not.

Does anyone else calorie count and have this problem?


  1. I found the link to your blog on 3FC. I look forward to reading more about your journey and the challenges you face in trying to lose weight while in another country. I'm sure you'll have some great stories to tell. Good Luck!

  2. Well welcome! Glad to see a fellow 3FC-er here!

  3. Awesome food finds, love the pictures too! Those brownies look yummy. I will be joining you in the 3fatchicks TBL summer challenge...see you there!!!

  4. I love food experimenting...okay that is a lie only recently did I love this, but I'm glad because I did find some good food items! I recommend the brownies, and they are the kind you can stop at one at and feel full! I'm shocked how long they lasted in my house!

    I look forward to seeing you at TBL challenge! Good luck!