Monday, May 31, 2010

Canceled trips and BL Challenges!

I should be in Rome right now, no literally I should. That is at least what my plane ticket said. But instead I am still siting in Hungary. Long story short I couldn't find anyone to go with, prices are very high, and getting to/from Bratislava airport would have been 120 euros since the one bus to/from there didn't run near my time of departure and arrival.....I'll admit I was sad to not go. I love Italy. I have so many wonderful memories of living there, with friends, and the culture Italy ranks number 2 in my countries I love, following Croatia by a pinch. I wasted 50 euros on the ticket, which hurt my wallet, but I wouldn't have had a good time going alone and I need to save up for my trip stateside unless I plan to mooch of my 'rents for a month. And the plus side I'll be back in Verona come August visiting, so maybe I'll make the trip to Rome then.

I'm also in the process of applying again for a Hungarian visa. People if you want to live or be in Europe for more than 3 months you need a visa and boy are they annoying to get. I'll admit my German visas were a piece of cake. These Hungarian visas take days of running to the bank, getting insurance statements, meeting with a lawyer, and so on and so forth. Not fun. This is what I will be spending my time doing for the next week, and hopefully I will get another visa so I can stay longer in Hungary!

Today was also the start of the Biggest Loser Challenge at 3FC! I'm on the red team. I am super excited for this challenge. I need so motivation to lose about 10-15 more pounds before I go home. That's reasonable I believe in two months. Now if I don't make it I won't be devastated because I lose weight so S-L-O-W. No joke. I can be on plan for a month and still lose a pound. Hopefully though I can get out of the 2-teens real soon!

Oh and I noticed I had followers! I'm so please....but don't lurk! I'd love to hear your opinions even if it is to tell me to suck it up, or to offer words of encouragement. In a weight loss journey one can not do it alone.


  1. Too bad you couldn't make it to Italy. I'm sure you would have had a great time. Why do you lose weight slow? I seem to have hit a plateau myself. I've been playing with the same 5 lbs for more than a month. I guess we just have to keep trying. I'm glad to see you getting some followers on your blog too. If you get a chance check out my blog

    I could always use followers too and ones who don't mind leaving a comment now and again. You're right when you say you can't do it alone. Good Luck with the 3FC BL challenge!!! I look forward to hearing about your progress...:)

  2. I just calculated my year so far total and realize I lose on average a pound a week. I guess that is not to bad, but really I'd love for it to be 2! I've been at 219 for about a month now, and it is driving me crazy. (I did gain and lose 3 lbs, but that is another story!)

    I'll check out your blog next! When I try to lose weight alone, I am not accountable and don't have all the answers! So I'm a firm believer in having a support system! I'll definitely cheer you along!!!!

  3. So sorry you didn't get to go to Rome. I LOVE Italy! I studied abroad in Florence when I was in college and I go back to those days in my mind all the time.

    Good luck in the 3FC Biggest Loser Challenge! Keep us posted on your progress!