Sunday, June 6, 2010

BL + progress pics

I wanted to share some progress pictures for this year!
January 2010 241 lbs June 2010 218 lbs

I'm amazed to see how much my body has changed in these last 20 lbs. I've lost almost 70 lbs total, but it wasn't until recently did I really begin to see a change in myself. I feel thinner now. I can only imagine how this progression will go as I continue on in this process, but now after 70 lbs I'm finally starting to believe that I have lost weight!

Some NSV's. The shirt in my new progress picture is a EU size XL. I bought it when I first came without trying it on because I wore an XL in the States so no biggie right? Wrong! I've waited since September 09 to wear this shirt and now it finally fits! Also I did some shopping yesterday and realized I fit comfortably into a EU size 48! (18 American I believe!) I was a 16 in elementary school and an 18 in early middle school so this is amazing for me. I store the majority of weight in my thighs so to be able to fit into different pairs of 18's is a big deal for me!

Needless to say when I phoned home I told my mom to start shopping because I will be needing some clothes. My mother also is a size 16/18, but she's 5'8! Luckily I can borrow from her while I'm home this summer.

I want to wish everyone on this journey with me good luck. I've struggled for the longest time on this journey because I never believed I lost weight. I saw the scale go down, heard from people how different I looked but I never believed it. I could never see it in my pictures. At times I have thought about stopping because I wasn't seeing results. Luckily I have a great online support system and they beat those thoughts out of my head, and repeated to me that I was smaller I just couldn't see it yet, to keep going and I would see it when my mind had time to process it. I want to encourage you all to keep going even if you do not see results. Your body is changing and soon enough you will see the changes!

And my first official weigh-in for the biggest loser!
I started at 226.
WI-1 218.4!
Total loss of= -7.6

I had about a month from my original starting weight, so those results will not be typical! In all I managed a -1.4 lb loss this week!

I upped my calories from last week and lost I think I'll stay here for a while. I'm eating between 1600-1750 a day. Normally eating only 1600-1650. Obviously this will have to be re-evaluated over time but for now it is where I will stay.

Have you ever struggled with seeing the changes in your body? How did you keep yourself motivated?


  1. Good job! :D
    Almost 70 lbs? That's amazing!

    You should really be proud of yourself. :)

    1. Yes, I still do. But I've only lost 15 lbs so I'm not expecting any major changes right now.
    2. My boyfriend is a big part of my motivation. Whenever I'm depressed from a weight gain he always reminds me that there's another day.

  2. You are very lucky to have a supporting boyfriend! It will make your journey so much more rewarding knowing that you have someone to hold you accountable and to give you encouragement!

    It took me 70 lbs to notice a difference, I don't wish that on you! Just know that while you may not see a difference at 15 lbs, there are people that do. 15 lbs is no small feat! Congratulations on losing those 15 lbs, and more in the future.

  3. Keep up the awesome work!! You should be very proud!!! :)